AdConsul Trust

Registration of Companies and Comprehensive Business Support

Registration of companies and further comprehensive business support of them are the major areas of AdConsul Trust’s specialization. The companies registered in certain jurisdictions may or may not be subject to taxation in respect of the income derived outside the territory of such jurisdictions. It is the best way to accumulate capital, to secure assets and to manage real property. The companies registered in England and Hong-Kong are the best investment targets in Europe and Asia. Through its offices AdC Trust registers and supports companies in different jurisdictions and provides professional services of high quality to its international clients in a timely manner. 

Trusts and Foundations

Such institutions were already known in Ancient Rome. Foundation is a perfect way to secure assets and to plan inheritance, its structure is similar to that of the trust, and operation principles correspond to a joint-stock company. Currently England, BVI (Anglo-Saxon legal system), and Panama (European incorporation principles associated with major features of family foundations of the Principality of Liechtenstein) are the optimal jurisdictions to establish trusts and foundations. 

Fiduciary Activities

Fiduciary is a trustee acting for and on behalf of the beneficiary and the group of beneficiaries. AdC Trust provides highly skilled professionals specializing in management of international trusts and provision of fiduciary services. 

Private Investment Funds

Capital management requires an investment fund. AdC Trust can act as a registrar and can provide services of professional managers for different types of funds.