About us

AdConsul provides services on examining whether advertising materials corresponds to the Russian legislation on advertising, mass media programme policies and regulatory practices related to advertising.

Major services provided by AdConsul and its expertise are related to business activities of brand owners, advertisers, advertising agencies, production companies, TV channels and other types of mass media, online marketplaces, sales houses, marketing and sales departments of companies.

AdConsul’s expertise in these areas exceeds 10 years.

AdConsul’s procedures are widely used in European and American regulatory practices on advertising markets and form an integral part of self-regulation system of the industry in pre-clearance format.

AdConsul’s consultations are based on unbiased, impartial and professional analysis, that’s why our position and decisions are accepted by all of the market participants in accordance with acreation-placement-transmission-assessment of advertising material scheme.

AdConsul’s clients benefit from using experience of a large network of industry experts, who have solid  work experience in certain market segments.

We continuously follow developments in the regulation of advertising to ensure efficiency of all decisions made in the best interests of our clients.

We enjoy fulfilling difficult tasks, dealing with comprehensive advertising campaigns and limited advertising campaigns (in which advertising object and/or the way of its placement are limited).

Cooperation with AdConsul will result in a better balanced decision, based on the professional assessment, which eliminates systematic and unsystematic risks related to all stages of an advertising campaign – from creating a conception to assessing a placement by advertising market participants.